Garage Door Repair

Is your garage door experiencing any functional issues? Does it look as good as the day it was installed? If not, you may be experiencing any of a number of common issues that can plague a door that has not been maintained or installed correctly. Below are some of the issues we encounter on a day-to-day basis.


Does your door look like this?

If so, you probably have a cable off. This is a very common problem that we see every day. DO NOT try to operate your garage door or repair it yourself! This is one of those repairs that a homeowner usually makes worse and will end up costing more to get professionally repaired. Call us now or fill out a “Contact Us” form for a free estimate/same-day service in Sugar Land, Houston, or Richmond, TX.

broken garage door track sugar land

Garage door track in sugar land home (exterior view)

Cracked or Dented Garage Door Panels

A crack in the steel of one or more of your garage door sections that looks like this is a problem that should be addressed immediately. Cracks compromise the structural integrity of your garage door and only get worse with each use. Unrepaired cracks (even if very small) will eventually lead to sagging sections and will result in section replacement or even entire garage door replacement. We can repair this problem at a cost far below either section or door replacement; call or email us today!

cracked garage door sugar land

Garage door crack in sugar land home (exterior view)

Sugar Land home's garage door crack

Sugar Land home’s garage door crack (interior view)

Water damaged wood door section

If you live in an area withing Houston, Sugar Land, Missouri City, or Richmond TX. Over the years water takes it’s toll on wood garage doors. Moisture collects in the bottom section and eventually causes it to rot.

At this point there are two options. Either replace the bottom section and weather strip or replace the entire door. Either way, we can help. With our 18 years of experience we have replaced countless wooden bottom sections. And with our many suppliers at our disposal we can almost certainly match your remaining sections. Call or email today and one of our Houston trained technicians will give you a free estimate and advise you on which option would be best for you.

old garage door sugar land

Water damaged wood door section (exterior view)

Bent sections and bent/detached stiles

There are many causes of bent or dented sections.  In many cases bent garage door sections can be bent back into place and reinforced so they regain their structural integrity. This is another of those problems that, if left unaddressed, can lead to more serious problems and much more costly repairs. We would be happy to repair your bent garage door today; please give us a call or email to schedule an appointment in Houston, Sugar Land, Missouri City or Richmond TX today!


Bent sections and bent / detached garage door (exterior view)

Garage Door Tune-Up

Like your automobile, your garage door needs regular maintenance to keep it running optimally. Your garage door should be serviced by a professional every 1-3 years to keep it rolling at it’s best. Improper spring tension, lack of lubrication, broken or bent hinges, worn ball bearings in your rollers, pulleys, or bearing plates, and frayed or broken cables are just a few of the things that can cause your garage door or garage door opener to not operate properly.

We offer a 21 point tune-up which consists of one of our technicians going over every single part of your garage door. If your door only needs lubricating and spring tensioning, that is all we will do. We will not attempt to sell you something you do not need like many other companies do. Please contact us to set up an appointment in Houston, Sugar Land, Missouri City or Richmond TX to have your garage door tuned up today.

Broken Garage Door Springs

Broken springs are probably the most common garage door problem. The average life expectancy of a garage door spring is between six and twelve years depending on the frequency of use and maintenance. There are two types of garage door springs.

old garage door springs sugar land

Old garage door springs sugar land (exterior view)

new garage door springs sugar land

New garage door springs sugar land (exterior view)

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are generally used on doors over 10 feet in width. If you have one big door for a two-car garage you almost certainly have torsion springs. A broken torsion spring is a problem that needs to be repaired IMMEDIATELY by a professional technician like the ones employed by Alliance Garage Doors.

DO NOT operate your garage door with a broken spring!

Also, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REPLACE YOUR TORSION SPRINGS!! This is NOT a do-it-yourself project. Torsion springs are under extreme tension and can be very dangerous if not given their proper respect. We offer same-day torsion spring replacement at a very reasonable price. Please contact us today to set up an appointment.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are generally used on doors up to 10 feet in width. If you have two small doors for a two-car garage you probably have extension springs.

Like torsion springs, extension springs are dangerous and can cause serious injury. DO NOT attempt to replace your own extension springs! Contact us today and one of our experienced technicians will take the worry out of replacing your extension springs at a great price.

Tracks and Rollers

Just as your automobile rides roughly over potholes, speed bumps and other road hazards, garage door tracks that are bent, rusty, greasy, not level, or misaligned can cause your garage door to roll poorly and shorten the life of your garage door. Contact us today to set up an appointment/free estimate so we can get your garage door rolling at peak performance and get you back on track!

replaced garage door roller installed

Replacement garage door roller installed

old garage door rollers

Old garage door broken roller with missing bearings

Garage Door Rollers

If so, you need new rollers! Old worn, rusty rollers shorten the lifespan of virtually every part of your garage door. We use only top-quality 11 or 13 ball-bearing nylon rollers. They are much quieter than steel rollers and roll far better than cheap plastic rollers that do not have ball bearings.

Please contact us to set up an appointment for a free assessment of your rollers in Houston, Sugar Land, Missouri City, or Richmond TX.

Alliance Garage Doors keeps you rolling!

Nylon roller vs low grade plastic

Replaced garage door rollers

metal garage door roller replacement

Replaced garage door rollers

Garage Door Opener Repair

Alliance Garage Doors provides repair same day service for all major makes and models of garage door openers. We service Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Genie, Sears Craftsman, Linear, and many other brands of garage door openers.

All garage door openers require some professional maintenance over their 10-15 year lifespan. If your garage door opener…

  • Goes up but will not come down
  • Motor runs, but the chain, screw, or belt does not turn
  • Makes a grinding noise
  • Does nothing at all
  • Makes a clicking sound but does not operate when you push the remote control
  • Remote controls do not work
  • Goes part of the way down and goes back up or stops
  • Needs routine maintenance or any other problem

We can help! We stock all the parts we need in almost all cases on our trucks, so we can get your garage door opener operating again the same day you contact us. We also carry remote controls, wireless keypads, new eye beams, and many other garage door opener accessories that will make your life easier. And unlike many other companies, we are willing and able to program the Homelink garage door opener buttons inside any make or model of automobile you own so you can get rid of that old, bulky remote control on your car’s visor!

If you have any questions or would like to send us details about your garage door repair needs, please fill out the form below.

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