Overhead Garage Door Installation

Beautify and upgrade the look and value of your home with a new garage door from your local garage door experts, Alliance Garage Doors. We are located right here in Sugar Land, Texas, and service Fort Bend County as well as the surrounding area.


Garage Doors last for many years with proper maintenance, but like anything else, they eventually need to be replaced. Alliance Garage Doors are your new garage door installation experts! We have installed thousands of new garage doors over the years of varying types of materials and sizes. Standard steel raised panel doors.

arched garage door sugar land

Arched garage installed door in Sugar Land

fiberglass garage door Sugar Land

Fiberglass garage door installed in Sugar Land

aluminum garage door sugar land

Aluminum garage door installed in Sugar Land

Composite garage installed door in Sugar Land

Composite garage installed door in Sugar Land


We most commonly use CHI brand garage doors because they provide quality, durability, reliability, and beauty all at a reasonable price. We are happy to come by your house to discuss the types, options, and pricing of new garage doors at no charge, but if you would like to build your own door at the CHI website, please click on the link below. There are many materials and options to choose from, and you can even see how your completed door looks on a house similar to yours. When you know what you want, give us a callback and we will give you a firm price for the door you have chosen, including installation. Simple! Call us today at 832-768-1897.


Standard raised panel steel garage doors make up the majority of our new garage door installations. Steel doors provide strength and durability at a very reasonable price and are a great way to make the front of your house look new again.

Standard steel doors come in three gauges, 26, 25, and 24, with 24 being the thickest, best quality. Alliance Garage Doors does not install 26 gauge doors unless by special request from a customer. We believe 26 gauge doors do not provide value in the long run because quite simply they are just too thin and break down and bend too easily.

We also carry raised panel steel-backed insulated garage doors that will keep your garage cooler even in the middle of summer. These are a great choice if you spend a lot of time in your garage or if you have air conditioning in your garage.


Older style wood garage doors just do not do well here in the Houston area. They used pine and masonite are just subject to water damage far too easily.

Thankfully we do things a bit differently these days. Today’s wood doors are called wood overlay garage doors. They start with a high-quality steel-backed insulated door and are overlayed with rot resistance cedar using high-quality adhesives. They come in a wide variety of styles and patterns, one of which is bound to accentuate the look of your home.

Please see our door gallery, contact us by phone or email, or schedule an appointment with one of our sales representatives for further information on styles and pricing. Also, you may click on the CHI Door Builder link below to see all the options available to you.

Water damaged wood garage door needing replacement

Water damaged wood garage door needing replacement

Wood garage door installation in Richmond Texas

Wood garage door installation in Richmond Texas

If you have any questions or would like to send us details about your garage door repair needs, please fill out the form below.

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