Check out The Top Garage Door Trends Of 2015

Try answering this question first. How long have you been waiting for installing garage doors with top designs? If the wait has been for quite a long time now, then this particular article will surely put an end to your wait. While you need to primarily keep in mind the functionality of your garage overhead door, at the same time, you simply cannot ignore the importance of various styles of these doors. Check out some awesome trends for 2015 for our garage door –

Opt for smart garage doors

If you have more than one car, you might need garage door remotes for each of them. Isn’t that quite cumbersome? Well, you will be happy to learn that this is all history now. With the availability of smart doors for your garage, you can enjoy shutting and opening your garage door with just a swipe of the thumb. Yes, these smart doors operate via the internet thus allowing you access and operation from your Smartphone. Not to forget, their sleek appearance adding incredible value to your home’s beauty.

Stylish contemporary doors

Bid goodbye to the conventional materials, while selecting your garage overhead door. Opt for stunning and attractive materials over the traditional steel or plywood ones. The most popular trends of 2015 vote in favor of glass paneled garage doors as well as aluminum doors with brass coatings. A refreshing break from traditional styles, these garage doors will add that sophisticated touch to your home.

Classic Wooden doors

Classic and timeless designs are never out of fashion. This particular aspect holds true for garage doors too. Therefore, wooden garage doors are still in vogue in 2015. However, purchasing authentic wooden garage doors might be a costly affair. If you wish to have the classy look of wood within your budget; then there are carriage house garage doors manufactured from steel. These garage doors perfectly mimic the style of original wood, that too, within your budgetary plans.

Bold colors are in

If you have not experimented in the past few years, go bold in 2015. Select bight and bold colors for your garage doors in place of simple hues. Not only will these colors brighten up your garage, but also complement the appearance of your home’s yard. Be judicious and select the hues that add uniqueness to your home.

Look for customized options

It might so happen that the popular garage door trends of the year may fail to impress you. In that case, you can always choose to personalize the door of your garage here in Houston and Sugar Land TX. Look for the latest trends and perform some mix-and-match with your designs. What you get is the garage door of your dreams perfectly complementing the look of your home.

These were the top trends for the garage overhead door in 2015. Bring these trends closer to home by installing none at your residence too. Call us today at Alliance Garage Doors and we will be happy to serve your needs.